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CABLE-CRUSHING DSL SERVICE! goes supersonic with new MACH 1.5 DSL Internet service!

The most exciting news in DSL internet service since it began, is that we can now provide residential DSL that is as fast as cable modems, for a competitive price!

As you know, we work with Qwest to provide DSL. Qwest hooks you up with the DSL line, and that line connects you to our high-speed, super-reliable Internet network. (Did you know that in 2003 we did not have a single unplanned Internet outage?)

Many of our existing DSL customers can upgrade to Mach 1.5 DSL - and many of you will pay *LESS* after upgrading!

Here is a comparison of our DSL with Comcast's "cable modems":
Mach 1.5 DSL
cable modem
Roaming Dial-up YES NO
Static IP YES NO
Can run servers YES NO
Supports VPN YES NO (if needs static IP)
Download Limits NO YES *2
E-Mail Addresses 10 7
Vanity Domain Name YES NO
Download Speed 1.5Mbit/sec 1.5Mbit/sec *1
Uplink Speed 894k 384k
Secure, Dedicated Link YES NO
Price: $53.00/mo $46.00/mo for TV subscribers
Price: $53.00/mo $56.00/mo without TV!!
*1 Depends on how much your neighbors are using the service!
*2 Comcast has limits on subscriber use of their cable modems and cancels subscribers who "use too much". However, THEY DO NOT TELL YOU IN ADVANCE WHAT THOSE LIMITS ARE.
Read this article about cable's download limit restrictions!

As you can see, our Mach 1.5 DSL service is the clear choice for Internet users like you.

Upgrade now! Call 303-228-0070 today to see if Mach 1.5 DSL is available in your area! It's positively Super-sonic!

Company history

  • 2003 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2004 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2005 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2006 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2007 begins network service area expansion 

  • 2008 launches wholesale EtherLoop for business VoIP providers 

  • 2008 est. partnership with Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver 

  • 2009 launches PerfectPBX™, advanced business VoIP PBX system 

  • 2009 acquires ISP customers of Axess Communications